Website Design Refresh

I’m in the process of revamping  There are still changes I’d like to make (like shrinking my profile photo!), but I’ve already made quite a few modifications!  I’ve simplified the links in the top menu bar and made the images more prominent in the sidebar.  I’ve also put featured image thumbnails back into the post excerpts.  It stopped working for a while, but now it does again!  Most importantly, I’ve changed the theme on the website!


I’m using BluChic‘s Marilyn theme.  I had a hard time deciding between that or the Jacqueline theme, but in the end, obviously Marilyn won out!  I used BluChic’s free Adele theme before and I knew that I would eventually purchase another theme.  I love how all their themes are clean and reflect their target audience (female bloggers and entrepreneurs).  I also appreciate the features included (makes life much easier as a novice administrator like myself).  And of course, I love how their products are very cost efficient!

These are probably subtle differences to most and frankly, I already forgot what the original theme looked like, as I had modified it enough to clean up the design.  However, I’m glad I made the change.  It certainly feels refreshing to me!

How do you like the new, yet subtle, look?

Enjoy Ginet

  • Michelle

    Congrats! I can’t wait to tune in again and see the changes you make!!


    • Ginet

      Thanks Michelle! Very sweet of you :)

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