Thailand and Hong Kong Trip Oct-Nov 2013: Phuket

We took the ferry from Phi Phi back to Phuket.  The ferry company also offered us rides to Patong Beach, where a bunch of hotels were located, for less than the cost of a taxi.  It took a bit for the driver to figure out where we were going to stay since we booked a condo through AirBnB.  Luckily another driver told him where to go!

It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at the condo so we walked along Prabaramee Road.  It was super scary and very hard to cross the road.  There were plenty of massage parlors, restaurants, pharmacies, motorbike rentals, tour booking shops, Family Mart’s or 7/11’s, and laundry services in the area.  We roamed to Thawiwong Road, parallel to the beach, circling back to Prabaramee for dinner at one of the No. 9 Restaurants and hung out at the condo the rest of the night.

It was raining when we woke up so we took our time in getting out and about.  By the time we were ready, the rain let out.  We strolled down Ratuthit/Pee Road, where Justin bought Thai tank tops since he was running out of the clothes, and ate at No. 6 Restaurant. We ordered Pad Thai and Crab Curry.  Though I had to peel the crab, I thought there was a lot of meat for the price of the dish.  The next block was Bangla Road, where there were lots of bars and souvenir shops.  We knew we were going to head back at night so we wanted to check it out during the day.

At the other side of Bangla Road was the beach!  There were plenty of chairs and umbrellas.  I’m sure in better weather and the high season, it must be packed!  Notice the clouds:

Then we headed back to the condo to check out the pool. The condo was nice and clean, great water pressure and temperature in the shower, and great A/C units.  It’s about a ten minute walk to the beach and fifteen to Bangla Road.  Not too bad if you don’t want to be int the center of the hustle and bustle.  But what really made the place was the rooftop infinity pool!

The views were simply amazing!  Here’s a panoramic shot I attempted:

For dinner, we went to 99 Seafood on Ratuthit Road.  Are you noticing a trend in the name of restaurants we went to?  I guess we preferred the ones with numbers!  We ordered BBQ King Prawns, Pad Thai, and fried rice.  It was delicious!  They had live seafood priced by the weight that you can buy and decide how you want cooked.  We saw other people getting fresh fish and live lobsters, which had been craving for the next day!

After dinner, we went back to Bangla Road to experience some of the nightlife.  Bangla was rather different than it was during the day.  The road was closed off so people were able to walk on the street.  There were a lot more people – tourists, prostitutes, people selling knick-knacks, and others trying to get you into their bars or to watch a ping pong show.  It was an experience to just walk along the street.  We heard a duet singing from in a bar, but didn’t want to settle there just yet.  We sat down at Hangover Bar, one of the many bars in Soi Sea Dragon, where we played Connect 4!  The waitress there was super sweet and helped me win almost every game I won against Justin.  She was seeing moves we would have never come up with on our own!  Obviously working there helped her since she probably plays all the time.

We went to the bar from where we heard live music earlier.  Upon entering Monsoon Bar, we were offered a free shot with a drink purchase.  There was a set change going on when we arrived.  One of the singers that just ended his set greeted us.  He probably noticed we could be Filipinos since he was from The Philippines.  The girl he was singing with is also Filipino.  A Thai band called Kongsiam played while we were there with the Filipino singers joining in a little later.  They were pretty awesome to listen to.  They played Top 40 hits and rock songs almost everyone knew and can sing along with.  They even took requests.  I looked them up when we came back home and it turns out their leader singer was in The Voice Thailand!  I guess he recently came back to performing in Monsoon after getting kicked out.

It rained for a good portion of the next day so again, we didn’t enjoy the beach. We got another well-needed massage (our fourth and last of the trip), purchased some souvenirs, and had lunch at No. 6 Restaurant again.  As you can see, we were not very adventurous in wanting to try different places! We even went back to the same seafood restaurant the next night fulfill my live seafood craving. It seemed to have the best quality live seafood compared to the like.  I requested the lobster be BBQ-ed and the blue crab steamed.

If I had to do it over again, I would have wanted the lobster to be steamed.  And I thought it was quite pricey when all the other food was cheap.  I think it was because it was in a touristy area.  The food was scrumptious nonetheless!

After dinner, we went back to Bangla Road and after walking around, we hit up the same places we did on the previous night.  This time, we went to Monsoon first.  Justin was surprised by a man in the men’s restroom that gave people soap and cracked their backs.  He wanted to get his back cracked again so that, along with live music (and the fact that we like repetition during our trip), had us go back.  It wasn’t as busy as the night before so we were able to get better seats toward the back.  After an hour or so, we walked around and went back to Hangover Bar.  We saw the same waitress and she introduced us to other Patong bar games.  We ended the night by going back to Monsoon where another band (all Filipino, I think) jamming.  We didn’t stay too long as we were getting tired and had to walk back to the condo.

The day of our departure, we went to the second No. 9 Restaurant, which was probably one of the closest restaurants to where we stayed, then took a taxi to the airport.

Here’s our three-day Phuket itinerary summarized:
Day 1 –  Arrive in Phuket
Roam the area
Dinner at No. 9 Restaurant

Day 2 –  Siteseeing, Pool, & Bangla Road Nightlife
Lunch at No. 6 Restaurant
Siteseeing to Bangla Road and the beach
Infinity Pool
Dinner at 99 Seafood
Bangla Road Nightlife

Day 3 – Massage, Souvenir Shopping, & Bangla Road Nightlife
Lunch at No. 6 Restaurant
Souvenir Shopping
R&R because of the rain
Dinner at 99 Seafood
Bangla Road Nightlife

Goodbye Thailand!  To see all photos from my trip, check out my Google+ album!

Enjoy Ginet

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    It looks absolutely gorgeous! That infinity pool and the view are amazing!

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