Thailand and Hong Kong Trip Oct-Nov 2013: Hong Kong

We’ve come to the final city in our trip: Hong Kong!  By the way, why had no one mentioned to me that I’ve been missing the “Kong” in my post titles?!  I updated the posts, but not the URL since I don’t want any dead links to those who’ve shared the posts.

Anyway, back to the recap!  We took a taxi from the airport to Hotel LBP, a cute boutique hotel in Sheung Wan.  By the time we got settled, it was nearly 9pm, so we had a late dinner across the street.  The food was decent but not as cheap as restaurants in Thailand.  We were beat from the journey and nothing was really going in our area so we chilled at the hotel for the rest of the night.

The next morning, we ate the complimentary breakfast buffet.  It’s what you would expect from a boutique hotel – minimal but enough.  The hotel was very affordable and I thought it was a great value!  It is away from the action and train is a ten-minute walk away, but the staff was super friendly and accommodating.  TripAdvisor reviews mentioned the hard and uncomfortable beds, but I totally disagree!  Yes, it wasn’t a soft lush bed, but it was quite comfortable.  Though definitely more expensive, I would probably want to stay in Central or Kowloon next time around.

I booked the Central and Sheung Wan Food Tour through Hong Kong Foodie Tasting Tour the same time I had booked the Bangkok Day Tour.  The tour was to start at 2:00pm so we had plenty of time to head to Uniqlo in Causeway Bay.  Since we didn’t do laundry as I planned, we both ran out of clean clothes to wear.  Justin got excited there was a Uniqlo not too far away.  He likes their pants (as I love their jeans!) so wanted to buy another pair.  We bought a few items there, along with in Cotton On, just a couple floors up on the same building.

The tour email confirmation recommended we eat a light lunch before the tour, so we went back to the restaurant we ate at the night before.  We learned that there were lunch specials that were quite cheap but only in Cantonese!  The staff didn’t seem helpful so we didn’t bother asking, but it annoyed us that they didn’t seem to accommodate to non-locals.

We started our walking tour in Central where we met our guide Silvana and other tour members.  There were about ten to twelve of us total.  Our first stop was Tsim Chai Kee Noodle on Queen’s Road for wonton noodle soup.  It was so good!!  The restaurant is known for having large shrimp wontons in their soup.

Then we headed to Lung Kee, a roast meat restaurant, on Gage Street for BBQ pork and rice.  This was by far the best BBQ pork I’ve tasted, even way better than in Sam Woo!

They specialize in roasted pork:

We walked further down Gage Street passing street-side shops selling seafood, vegetables, and dried foods:



One of the shop owners mentioned that Transformers 4 was being filmed there only a few days ago!  Too bad we missed it!  We tried sugar cane juice to get refreshed and walked along the steps of Dr. Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail.

We learned more about Central and Sheung Wan history, then spent thirty minutes learning about tea!  This was actually Justin’s favorite part since it was very educational.  We even learned the proper way to pour tea:

The tea shop owner was super passionate about tea.  We wanted to go back to purchase some tea, especially with the 20% discount offered to tour members, but it was closed the next day.


Our next stop was Dim Sum Square for the some dim sum!  We each had a shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling, spring roll, and BBQ pork bun.  The pork bun was hands down my favorite!

I wanted to go back, but we just didn’t have enough time.  Toward the middle of the tour, I wished we had at least one more day in Hong Kong!  Our last stop was Hei Lee Cake Shop, a pastry shop, for freshly-made egg tarts.  I wanted to go back here to bring some pastries home but again, not enough time.

Silvana recommended must tries in Hong Kong are roast goose, dim sum, and Hong Kong style french toast.  We have yet to try the goose and french toast, but that’s just another reason to go back!  The handout mentions other restaurants to try so I would totally recommend going on this tour and/or their Sham Shui Po tour.  In fact, I’d recommend going to food tours in any new city because it’s a great way to find out the great restaurants without having to check online reviews!

That evening, we stopped by Ozone Bar in Ritz Carlton Kowloon on the other side of the water.  The drinks were ridiculously expensive so I took photos of the view then we peaced out.

The next morning, we sported our new Uniqlo clothes and checked out more views atop – this time at The Peak!  We opted to purchase the Peak Tram Sky Pass, which included tickets to Sky Terrace 428 with the tram ride to the peak.  We thought it was worth it because we had unobstructed views of the city.


We went back to the same roast meat and wonton noodle soup (because we had to indulge) restaurants as in the food tour.  This time, we had the roast pork and rice.  I tried to order the roast goose, but they didn’t understand me!  I brought the tour handout with me because it had some words in Cantonese and their pronunciations, but I had forgotten about it.

In the evening, we went back to Causeway Bay for more shopping, this time to find stuff for my family.  My mom mentioned she wanted tops so I bought clothes for everyone.  We went back to Uniqlo and Cotton On, then to Times Square, the city’s largest shopping mall (though I didn’t know it at the time).  If I only had more time and space in my luggage!  The Zara store there made me revive my love for the brand.  There are definitely plenty of pieces to add to my wish list.

After shopping (yes, I had to leave eventually), we went to the Wine and Dine Festival.  Our hotel gave us tickets that included entry and two free wine-tasting coupons.  It was a fun and unique experience to check out at local event!  We ate some pizza, tasted some wine (non-alcoholic wine for me – it was delicious, BTW), and listened to jazz being performed on one of the stages.

Since it was Halloween, there were people dressed for the holiday!

We wanted to check out a bar in Soho, but we ended up in the Lan Kwai Fong aka party district.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people crowd the city streets and in costumes!  It was crazy and a bit much for us.  We ended our final night in a bar at the Mandarin Hotel where I got $70HKD soda!

And this is the last meal of our trip we had at the airport:

Here’s our three-day Hong Kong itinerary summarized:
Day 1 –  Arrive in Hong Kong
Late dinner across the street from hotel

Day 2 – Causeway Bay Shopping, Foodie Tour, & Ozone Bar
Complimentary hotel breakfast
Causeway Bay Uniqlo & Cotton On
Foodie Tour
Ozone Bar at Ritz Carlton Kowloon
Dinner at noodle restaurant near hotel

Day 3 – The Peak, Causeway Bay Shopping, Wine and Dine Festival, & Central Nightlife
Complimentary hotel breakfast
Lunch at Lung Kee and Tsim Chai Kee Noddle
Causeway Bay Shopping
Wine & Dine Festival
Central Nightlife

Thank you for staying tune with my Thailand and Hong Kong trip recaps.  I hope you had as much fun as reading the recaps as I did re-living my trip!  To see all photos from my trip, check out my Google+ album!

Enjoy Ginet

  • Kelly

    wow, we want to go there, looks great! nice photos!
    shall we follow?

    • Ginet

      Yes, you should definitely go and stay longer than a couple days like I did!

  • the style crusader

    Oh my gosh, the food looks DE-LI-CIOUS. I’m especially dying over that first photo. Yum. xx

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