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Enjoy Prompt #16: Embrace All Emotions

Justin and I spent the weekend in LA visiting college friends.  Our friend Daniel and his wife Cristina, who live in Houston, are staying at our friend Aaron and his wife Kelli’s place for a few days, so we decided to spend a day in LA with them! We had lunch in Hermosa Beach and […]

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Enjoy Prompt #10: Avoid Surreality TV

Avoiding surreality TV shows may be a hard prompt for some of you, but please try it for a week!  If you must, you can DVR your shows and watch them next week.  We’ll define surreality TV as any show portrayed as reality that creates drama in a non-artistic way purely for entertainment. Original Source

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Enjoy Prompt #8: Receive Compliments

Last week’s prompt was to give compliments so this week’s prompt is to receive compliments.  My mother taught me to be modest, but I mistook it when receiving a compliment.  When someone would compliment me, I would put myself down in return.  For example: Coworker: “Your hair is gorgeous!” Me: “Ugh! I need a trim.” […]

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