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Smile With Style: Smile, Inside & Out


Nothing looks more stylish than a smile that’s truly genuine.  Recently, I watched a documentary on Netflix called, Happy by Roko Belic. It put some perspective and made me reassess what makes me happy.  For a while, I worked two jobs as a Hygienist and Preventive Care Consultant. Being a Preventive Care Consultant required a […]

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Enjoy Prompt: Hug Someone

This week’s enjoy prompt is to hug someone.  I don’t mean one of those half hugs.  I’m talking about a full on two-arm embrace.  You can greet someone with a “Hello!” and a hug or comfort someone in need.  I know after my Chargers lost yesterday I needed a good hug from my husband! Sometimes […]

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Enjoy Prompt: 2013 Reflection

I can’t believe it’s the last day of the year!  I was having issues with my web service host yesterday so I wasn’t able to post.  On Friday, Justin and I rode with my Uncle Ranelle and family up to the bay.  They live just across San Mateo bridge from Justin’s parents.  On Saturday, we […]

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