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Quote: On Settling

Don't Settle For Less Than You Truly Deserve

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in a job because it’s “safe”?  Or you’re in a relationship with someone you may not truly in love with because you’re “comfortable”?  There’s nothing wrong with security and comfort, but when it’s not mixed with joy, you may be settling. Part of it is figuring out what you […]

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Enjoy Prompt #4: Sing A Song Aloud

This week’s prompt in our enjoy life project is to sing a song aloud.  I tend to sing when I’m driving in my car alone.  I’m not the biggest fan of driving.  Scratch that.  I hate driving!  But listening to music and singing along eases the hatred. Plus, isn’t that what makes road trips fun?! […]

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Famiy Love

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome to Gracious Delights! This blog has been a long time coming. I first thought about starting a lifestyle blog over a year ago. Only about a month ago did I decide to make it happen.  Negativity is prominent in this age of social networks so I felt the need […]

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