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Smile With Style: Smile, Inside & Out


Nothing looks more stylish than a smile that’s truly genuine.  Recently, I watched a documentary on Netflix called, Happy by Roko Belic. It put some perspective and made me reassess what makes me happy.  For a while, I worked two jobs as a Hygienist and Preventive Care Consultant. Being a Preventive Care Consultant required a […]

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Enjoy Prompt: Hug Someone

This week’s enjoy prompt is to hug someone.  I don’t mean one of those half hugs.  I’m talking about a full on two-arm embrace.  You can greet someone with a “Hello!” and a hug or comfort someone in need.  I know after my Chargers lost yesterday I needed a good hug from my husband! Sometimes […]

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Enjoy Prompt #16: Embrace All Emotions

Justin and I spent the weekend in LA visiting college friends.  Our friend Daniel and his wife Cristina, who live in Houston, are staying at our friend Aaron and his wife Kelli’s place for a few days, so we decided to spend a day in LA with them! We had lunch in Hermosa Beach and […]

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