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Smile With Style: Smile, Inside & Out


Nothing looks more stylish than a smile that’s truly genuine.  Recently, I watched a documentary on Netflix called, Happy by Roko Belic. It put some perspective and made me reassess what makes me happy.  For a while, I worked two jobs as a Hygienist and Preventive Care Consultant. Being a Preventive Care Consultant required a […]

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Quote: On Settling

Don't Settle For Less Than You Truly Deserve

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in a job because it’s “safe”?  Or you’re in a relationship with someone you may not truly in love with because you’re “comfortable”?  There’s nothing wrong with security and comfort, but when it’s not mixed with joy, you may be settling. Part of it is figuring out what you […]

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A Dose Of Inspo: Happy Habits

Huffington Post has another Gracious Delights-worthy article!  The Habits Of Supremely Happy People is a list of well, habits (duh!) that happy people practice.  Cue Jojo’s “The Happy Song”.  Here are some of my favorites: They surround themselves with other happy people.  Get rid of those Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers. They cultivate resilience.  Follow […]

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