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Maternity Wear: Tops & Pants

Finding clothes that fit is hard enough when you’re short.  And even more difficult when you’re pregnant!  I don’t consider myself petite.  My measurements are that of a “normal” woman – 34″ bust, 26″ waist, 34″ hips – except I happen to be 4’10”.  Here’s a glimpse of how I’ve been making it work, as […]

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Shop Our Poshmark Closet

Chanel Sunglasses On Poshmark

My sister Marj and I started a Poshmark account, selling all our cute clothes, shoes, and accessories that we rarely use and/or don’t fit [anymore].  We would usually donate them, but I realized what a waste it was for my beautiful $300 BCBG dress to just be donated!  Not that I don’t like being charitable. […]

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