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Another Poshmark Closet Deal

Banana Republic Purse In Poshmark Closet

We’ve sold many of our super cute clothes and shoes on Poshmark! We’ve just performed some major price reductions on most of our closet listings.  And as gracious readers of this blog, we’re offering a greater discount!  Save 20% when you bundle two or more listings! Just let us know what items you’d like bundled together […]

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Shop Our Poshmark Closet

Chanel Sunglasses On Poshmark

My sister Marj and I started a Poshmark account, selling all our cute clothes, shoes, and accessories that we rarely use and/or don’t fit [anymore].  We would usually donate them, but I realized what a waste it was for my beautiful $300 BCBG dress to just be donated!  Not that I don’t like being charitable. […]

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My Wardrobe Space

Pax Wardrobes

When I was moving into my apartment, I was concerned about lack of space for our clothes, linens, and luggage that I had stored in my former walk-in closet.  It wasn’t one of those step-in closets either.  It was as good of a walk-in as one could get in a home! The closet in my […]

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