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April’s 30th Birthday

This past Saturday was my best friend April’s 30th birthday.  April has been one of my dearest friends since the eighth grade.  We had all the same classes in our freshman year of high school then all but one class together our senior year.  We sort of live parallel lives: working for the same company, […]

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09.13.13 Weekend Recap

Nothing too exciting happened this past weekend.  Friday the 13th went pretty well despite getting gum on my favorite pair of Toms!  I guess I’ll just have to buy a new pair soon.  Here’s my weekend recap through Instagram photos: From top left to bottom right: On Friday, it was my off Friday so I […]

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Happy Birthday Marj!

Happy 28th birthday to my sister Marj! My sister is just under a couple years younger than me though she is always mistaken for being older than me (yes, I like rubbing that in).  Some people thought we were twins while others didn’t even think we were related.  Regardless, she is the person with whom […]

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