Smile With Style: Finally, A Tulle Skirt For Me

I hope everyone is has been having an awesome time with family and friends this holiday season. This year, while shopping for presents, I did a pretty good job not buying a lot for myself. However, I could not pass up on the opportunity to purchase a tulle skirt for my Christmas outfit.

I first got inspired to search for a tulle skirt sometime in 2012 when Anthropologie posted this picture on Instagram:

A skirt hard to find in stores, I opted not to get it online because I like to try things on before buying something… and I like that instant gratification when I shop. I found some cute ones on etsy, but again, I didn’t want to make the commitment without seeing it in person. On Pinterest, I kept seeing fashion pins with tulle skirts, which made me want one even more. Where am I going to find a skirt that won’t break my wallet, and make me look like a little kid???

I usually shop at Ann Taylor Loft for work clothes. Around October, I found this on their website. I held off on buying it, but I continued to go to the website to look at it, very tempted to buy it. Come November, it received some pretty good reviews, and I still couldn’t purchase it.

The day before Thanksgiving, I was at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego searching for curtains. I decided to stop by Ann Taylor Loft. First thing I saw was a mannequin wearing the skirt! I immediately located the skirt to get my size. I tried on a size S… too big =(. I asked the associate for an XS. She said it says they have it in their computer system but she couldn’t find it. Disappointed, I shopped around and bought a necklace. As I was walking out the door, I checked the size of the skirt on the mannequin. Aha! An XS! Thank goodness they let me take the skirt because it fit perfectly!!! It has the perfect amount of class, not too puffy, perfect length, and original price of $79.50. I bought it when the entire store was 40% off. Made me feel even better about my purchase! A shopaholics mindset, it was meant to be mine.

Guilty of being an outfit repeater, I wore it to my holiday dinner for work & Christmas Eve. I used this pin as an inspiration.

Of course, I didn’t look as good as the pin, but it was a good enough attempt.  For my holiday dinner, I wore my black Ivanka Trump Pumps. During Christmas Eve, I wore Steve Madden Panelope booties.  Sorry, I forgot to take solos for this post.

I’d like to see what everyone else wore as their holiday holiday outfit, so make sure you hashtag #graciousdelights #smilewithstyle #holidayoutfit on any of your social media posts!

Seasons Greetings!!!

Keep Smiling, Marj

  • Jen @ Marshmallows and Margaritas

    Oh, I love your tulle skirt! I saw it on LOFT’s website but it looked so short on the model — I was afraid to order it. But it looks perfect on you! Very cute with the booties!

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