Smile With Style: Affordable Trench Coat for Petites

I’ve been looking for a trench coat for some time now. Being slightly below 4’11”, it is tough to find a trench coat that fits perfectly. I tried on a lot of petite coats: Burberry, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, and London Fog. The Burberry petite trench coat was probably the best fitting piece. However, spending over $800 on a coat is way over my budget.

You might remember my sister, Ginet, mentioning she purchased a jacket from Zara Girls.  A few weeks ago as I was browsing through the Zara website, I found this Trench Coat with Belt and Printed Lining:

The next day, I went to Zara in Fashion Valley, excited to see they had the trench coat in the store! The size 13/14 fit just right.  No alterations needed.  The arms are a perfect length, and the trench itself isn’t too long.

The best thing about buying the trench coat was the price: $55.90.  The downside is the belt is attached to the back.

I’m loving my new trench and I’m so happy I finally found one that worked for me!  What is an item you have been looking for and finally found?

Keep Smiling, Marj

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