Sheryl’s Bachelorette Weekend Recap

As I mentioned earlier this week, I attended my good friend Sheryl’s bachelorette party in Catalina Island.

We met at the Newport Beach pier to ride the Catalina Flyer.

It was a rough ride the whole hour-and-a-half trip! I didn’t get dizzy or nauseous, just really uncomfortable like I was in a never-ending roller coaster ride. NOT FUN! I’d recommend taking another ferry even if there is a good Groupon deal or taking a helicopter (it was a running joke the whole weekend).

We rented a super cute house minutes walking distance from everything.  The main part of town is so small so I’m sure any accommodations is convenient, but our house is so charming!

It even has a rooftop deck!

We received favors from the bride.  Inside the bags were lotion, body wash, a bar of her favorite chocolate, and nail polish in different shades of blue.

Most of us went to the spa, indulging in manis, pedis, a massage, and a body scrub.  I would highly recommend getting a massage and body scrub!  The treatment was so relaxing and I took a good nap afterward.  That evening, we presented Sheryl with some honeymoon gifts, of which I will not be sharing photos!

We headed to Avalon Grille for dinner and were welcomed with flavored champagne!

Most of us ordered the local catch special – lobster and Caesar salad.  We also had the most amazing brussel sprouts I’ve ever tasted.  The ladies at the spa recommended the sprouts and for good reason!  We also got scrumptious dessert – cheesecake and chocolate mousse cake that reminded me of Champagne Bakery’s princess cake.  #Yum.

After dinner, we went to a karaoke bar, where we were entertained by brave and probably drunk singers before calling it a night.  The next morning, we made breakfast and ate on the rooftop deck, then we explored the town, got ice cream, and souvenir shopped while waiting for our ferry departure.

The ride back to the mainland was smooth, thank goodness!

It was a wonderful weekend and great girl-time getaway!  I would totally recommend going to Catalina Island if you’re looking for a more relaxed setting or isn’t too into partying.  Do you have any recommendations for relaxing places to go for girl time?

Enjoy Ginet


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