SDRW At Oceanaire

As I mentioned a couple Fridays ago, San Diego Restaurant Week was from the 15th-20th.  My husband won a Landry’s gift card from work so we made a reservation at Oceanaire for an early Saturday dinner.  You’ll probably notice from the image of the menu below that Oceanaire is celebrating Restaurant Week until the 27th.  This is because SDRW is actually extended another week.  Lucky for us, they didn’t skip out on Saturday since SDRW officially started up again on Sunday.  Check out the website to see which restaurants are still participating!

My husband Justin ordered the lump crab cake (I forgot to take a picture!).  I liked how it was more lump crab than breading.  Justin made makeshift crab cake sandwiches with the complimentary sourdough bread.  I got the oysters.  There were four different oysters.  I think I found my favorite type of oyster, the komo gway, which is the rightmost oyster.  It was meaty and had the most distinguishable flavor.

For his main course, Justin ordered crab and shrimp stuffed sole:

And I got the filet mignon and shrimp with asparagus and bernaise sauce:

I’ve been craving steak and the filet mignon hit the spot!  The grilled asparagus was also really scrumptious!

For dessert, Justin got ice cream sundae with a brownie and I got vanilla bean creme brulee.  I forgot to take a picture of the desserts before we started eating, but I did take a shot of our leftovers:

Yes, practically nothing left!  It was a great date with the hubby and a practically free dinner thanks to Justin winning his work raffle.

If you participated in SDRW, where did you go?  If not yet, where do you plan to go?

P.S.  These images were taken with my iPhone.  I brought my point and shoot but I felt silly to bust it out on the dinner table especially at a nice place like Oceanaire.  I felt sort of silly to take my phone out too so I tried to be discrete!  How do you foodies do it especially with a dSLR?

Enjoy Ginet

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