San Diego Restaurants Week

San Diego Restaurants Week is from September 15-20.  It’s a great way for restaurants to promote their business to new customers.  Menus offer pri-fixe three-course meal options.  Restaurants Week has expanded since it started a few years ago.  It used to be just one week in a year and now occurs twice a year, the first being around January.  There are tons more restaurants participating, especially with the inclusion of lunch menus.

Every Restaurants Week, my husband Justin and I tend to go to more than one restaurant in the week with different couples.  A lot of restaurants also extend beyond the given week due to popularity.  It’s a great value for customers because they are more willing to try new and/or possibly more expensive restaurants they have yet to try or wouldn’t normally go to.  I have yet to try Searsucker and Morton’s Steakhouse, among others.

Anyone in San Diego participating in Restaurants Week?  If so, where do you plan to go?  I’d advise to make a reservations at least a day in advance, especially with a group of more than four.

For non-San Diegans, do you have Restaurants Week in your city?

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