Romeo’s Weekend Visit

Justin’s older brother Romeo came to visit us over the weekend from San Francisco since he’s here for a conference during the week.  He and his friend Mila who just moved down to San Diego are avid salsa dancers so they wanted to check out salsa night at the Marriott La Jolla.  Neil, a best friend of Justin’s younger brother who lives in San Diego, also hung out with us the whole weekend. We then headed to Brewski’s Bar in Miramar for free arcade games, air hockey, and pool.

On Saturday, we ate at Hash House A-Go-Go in Hillcrest after an hour wait. It’s one of me and Justin’s favorite breakfast spots. Their portions are HUGE so we ordered three menu items for the four of us: corned beef hash, salmon and pesto scramble, and flapjacks. While the boys went to the beach to get some relief from the heat, I went to the graduation of my best friend Celeste’s sister who happens to be one of my sister’s best friends (did you get that?). She moved to El Paso from NYC to work as an assistant professor so I had to see her.

For Sunday football, we went to Typhoon Saloon in Pacific Beach. Apparently it’s a Niners bar so the boys wanted to catch the Niners vs. Packers game there. It was fun to see all the fans react throughout such an exciting game, but I still prefer to watch in the comforts of my own home i.e. my couch chaise.

It was another fun-filled weekend!

Enjoy Ginet

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