It’s a new year and yes, I’m blogging!  I don’t know how often I’ll blog but like the new year calls for, I’m feeling a bit refreshed and inspired again.  2014 was a rough one for me;  some bad and some really good.  I started off the year looking forward to the potential of the blog.  I had a whole blogging schedule planned out for the next six month – it was great!

Then, I just got caught up in living life.  Last year, I attended six weddings, three in which my husband and/or I were a part of the bridal party.  We took trips to Honolulu, Catalina, Nuevo Vallarta, Seattle, and San Francisco Bay Area.  We had Justin’s family members visit us twice this year.  Babies of family and close friends were being born.  Oh and my husband and I bought a house!

I also got super busy with work, putting in extra hours to meet deadlines.  It was one of the most stressful years, career-wise.  So you can understand why blogging was totally put in the back burner.  I went on hiatus and didn’t know when I’d come back, but I always had the intention to.

All in all, I’d still rather live than blog about life and that’s still the case, but I still need an outlet for my creative juices to flow.  That is why I’m revamping this blog!  My current focus and passion is toward my house – furnishing, designing, and just making it a home.  I’ll go into more detail in a future post but we’ve lived here for just under five months and it already feels like home, for the most part.  There’s still plenty more I’d like to do to truly call it our own.

I don’t plan on being as organized about scheduling posts and whatnot.  Hopefully I can post at least one or twice a week, but no promises.  I’d prefer a more fluid approach this time around.  I hope you stick around for the journey!

Enjoy GinetEnjoy Ginet

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