My Wardrobe Space

When I was moving into my apartment, I was concerned about lack of space for our clothes, linens, and luggage that I had stored in my former walk-in closet.  It wasn’t one of those step-in closets either.  It was as good of a walk-in as one could get in a home!

The closet in my apartment bedroom turned out to be sufficient for all our hanging clothes.  I was able to store a bunch of miscellaneous items we won’t often need in the shelf above.

I thought the Ikea Pax Wardrobes would be a good choice for the rest of our clothes, linens, luggage, and my purses.  The wardrobe is pretty heavy so for moving’s sake, I got two smaller ones vice a wider one.  We had to replace our beat-up dresser so I chose an Ikea Hemnes drawer to compliment the wardrobes.

The idea to use the wardrobes came from this image I had pinned a year prior:

My Pin!

I loved how cute and organized it was.  I especially loved that it had dedicated space for purses, jewelry, and accessories – which is part of the reason I decided on getting a wardrobe.  I organized as such:

 This is probably my favorite shelf!  It contains my jewelry, sunglasses, and wallets.  I copied the idea of displaying a store bag from the pinned image, but without the frame.  I chose a Chanel one :)

 Though I no longer had my beloved walk-in closet, I think it worked out to my benefit since I was able to have a cabinet dedicated to my pretty things!  Did you find yourself in a storage dilemma when you moved?  What were your solutions?

Enjoy Ginet

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