I have photos from my stay in the Bay Area still on my camera, waiting to be moved to my computer and uploaded to blog about a recap. I was also going to blog about assembling a Christmas shopping list.  However, I don’t feel like writing up a “how-to” at the moment and frankly, I’ve been in a bit of a lazy mood.  The cold brings it out of me.  I just want to stay home, cuddle with Justin and Otis, and watch TV all day!  But I’ll let you know what’s been up with me lately.  Details after the jump…

Website Updates
There are new profile photos of yours truly on the sidebar and About page shot by The Boudoir Divas.  The photos were taken at their Headshots To Get Ahead event as I mentioned a few weeks ago.  The other photos were taken three or four years ago (Geez! Has it been that long?) by Heidi-O-Photo, so I figure I should use more recent photos… because I’m not that skinny anymore!

Winter Olympics
I’m TOTES excited for the Winter Olympics.  I’ve loved watching the games as a kid.  It’s sort of nostalgic for me.  I’ve always dreamed about attending an Olympic event (bucket list?!)  The Olympics is so inspiring and empowering!  It also gets me more patriotic than any other occasion, including the 4th of July.

The Honest Company
I thought Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company only sold baby products, but thanks to this Pinch Of Yum post, I learned the company also sells some everyday essentials.  I want all the bath & body and cleaning products – no joke!  Also check out the post for other awesome gift ideas, three of which I added to my own wish list!

I DVRed the conclusion to the two-part “Bonnie & Clyde” and still have to catch up with “Mob City” that premiered last week (at least I think it’s a mini-series since they’re promoting it as a “three-week event”.

Recent Deaths of the Famous
I pray Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela rest in peace.  They have made positive impacts to the world and I’m sure heaven has gained a couple more angels.  I also pray for their loved ones and anyone grieving their deaths.  I think It’s definitely harder on the living.  To everyone who’s experiencing loss:  may we find peace and healing in such tragedy.

Good day all.

Enjoy Ginet

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