Knocked Up

I’ve been failing in this blogging thing.  Miserably.  I think I kinda have a good excuse: I’m pregnant.  I wasn’t sure if I’d make a formal announcement on social media.  I put up subtle hints on Instagram and then yesterday, BAM!

Pregnant Ginet

So there you go! It’s out there for the world to see.  Part of my reluctance in posting anything is that I’ve been super worried.  I’m sure it’s normal for first-time moms.  Overall, I just wasn’t comfortable sharing with the world just yet… I still don’t think I am!

I’ll be 22 weeks tomorrow.  More than half way there!  I’m feeling good.  I didn’t get too bad of morning sickness, thank goodness!  Just felt queasy and lacked an appetite the first trimester.  Now I’m struggling to gain weight!  Doctor said I need to gain a pound a week.  I struggled to gain a pound from week 16 to 20!

I’ll try to post more about my adventures in pregnancy – maternity wear, baby shower, and nursery!  Because we’ve been trying to save as much money as possible, I haven’t made much updates in the house (we have yet to install our new light fixture).  And since starting to prepare the nursery, we’ve moved things around in the master bedroom.  The desk in the spare bedroom/future nursery will now be my new vanity table!

There is a lot going on so I hope I’m able to share it with you on the blog!

Enjoy Ginet

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