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Happy Valentine’s Day All!

My brother Kevin and his fiancee Jocelyn are getting married in Puerto Vallarta on May 2. I’ve been helping them plan their wedding, well, since the very beginning! I’ll be chronicling their (our) wedding planning in the blog. I started with the marriage proposal and their STDates. Next up is their wedding website jocelynandkevin.com:

When I encountered an awesome wedding website that used parallax scrolling, I knew I wanted Jocelyn and Kevin’s wedding website to use this feature.  I’m not a website design expert, but I’m quite familiar with WordPress and found a parallax theme.  Check out their actual website to see it in action!

Their website consisted of the following pages:

  • Welcome
  • Wedding Details
  • Proposal
  • Registry
  • Accommodations
  • Things To Do
  • Flights, Passports, & Visa Info
  • Blog
  • Contact

Including a Registry section in your website is an etiquette-proof way to let your guests know to what stores you are registered.

The RSVP page is password-protected with their wedding booking link.

All the stunning photos are from XOXO Wedding Studio.  Unfortunately, their photographers will not be journaling their wedding as they’re having a baby.  Fortunately, they found another photographer they love!

Enjoy Ginet

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