J&K Wedding: The Proposal

My brother Kevin and his fiancee Jocelyn are getting married in Puerto Vallarta on May 2.  I’ve been helping them plan their wedding, well, since the very beginning!  I’ll be chronicling their (our) wedding planning in the blog starting with the marriage proposal.

My brother needed help figuring how to and executing his proposal to her.  On a Wednesday, we were thinking up different ways he could propose and by Thursday, we figured he should do a flash mob proposal!  Marj, Chris (Kristiana’s boyfriend), and I spent the weekend choreographing a dance number, and from Monday to Saturday, we taught our friends and family members the routine.  We also confirmed where we would do it – Happy Sushi in Mira Mesa – and when – Sunday, the day of Jocelyn’s mom’s birthday (which also helped as an excuse for having her sister and niece visit from Colorado).  Jocelyn and I are friends with Christine of H.S. Catering, a sister company of the restaurant, so I thought it’d be easier to work the flash mob out with a restaurant with whom we had connections.  I also asked my friend Gervin if he could record on video the whole thing.  At the time, he had started his photography business LGK Photography.

Luckily for Jocelyn recently waking up from a nap, she didn’t really know what was going on, like not noticing too many familiar faces were at the restaurant at the same time as her mom’s birthday celebration!

It’s been just over a year since the proposal (January 27, 2013) so happy proposal anniversary to Jocelyn and Kevin!  Stay tuned for more J&K blog posts leading up to the wedding!

Enjoy Ginet

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