J&K Wedding: Las Vegas Civil Ceremony

My brother Kevin and his fiancee Jocelyn are getting married in Puerto Vallarta on May 2. I’ve been helping them plan their wedding, well, since the very beginning! I’ll be chronicling their (our) wedding planning in the blog. I started with the marriage proposal and their STDates.  I last discussed their wedding website.  I’m going out of order, but I didn’t plan their civil ceremony so I thought I’d just recap it as it just happened a week ago!

Kevin and Jocelyn decided to go to Las Vegas for their civil ceremony vice just heading to the courthouse.  We witnessed their ceremony at The Little Church Of The West.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures or video inside the chapel, but there are before and after photos!

Then, we headed to the Studio B Buffet at the M Resort and Casino.  My brother reserved a private room in their live-action cooking studio.

My aunt and her family, along with a few of Jocelyn’s family and family friends, were able to attend as they won’t be going to Mexico.  Even Jocelyn’s cousin from Australia and her family came!  They decided to extend their vacation in the states to attend their ceremony.

It was a great little weekend getaway!  I actually only stayed just more than a day as I had my former roommates Danny and Shannon’s wedding to attend.

Enjoy Ginet

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