January 2015 Home Tour: The Exterior

Alrighty, we’re starting the tour of my first official home with my dear husband!  Our home is a 1638-sqft. 3br/2.5ba detached condo in the northern part of San Diego with an attached two-car garage, well-sized driveway (compared to some of our neighbors), and small front and backyards.

Home Tour - Exterior

What the heck is a detached condo, you ask?  Well, it’s basically a single family home except part of the neighbor’s house serves as sort of a fence.  I’ll point it out in the photos below.

I should preface with a little bit of a backstory of how the house became ours:  I knew I wanted a place to call our home.  Justin and I first lived together in my brother’s and my townhome, then we moved to an apartment.  I didn’t feel like I could truly call either place my own because I never saw one as a permanent residence.  I would look online at homes for sale, at first to get a feel for the market, then for fun, playing how I would renovate a house if it were mine.  (Does anyone else do this??)  Anyway, I saw a house in the market around February that I really would have wanted to make my own.  It was the first home that I sort of took seriously in actually wanting, but we weren’t quite ready financially nor mentally.  That house eventually sold.  We started house-hunting in March and even put in a low-ball offer to one house, but of course, were outbid.  We decided to take a halt unless there was a house I encountered online that was “worthy” of even visiting.  In the end of July, a house with the same floorplan as the original house I liked went to market.  We visited the open house and I knew we had to put in an offer.  I think in the back of my mind, that original house was the home I envisioned for us so I saw it as fate that this house was up for sale.  We had to take a chance on this opportunity!  We swooped in fast and our offer was accepted.  After much paperwork going back and forth, as is the case with most home-buying processes, the house was ours on August 18, 2014 (exactly two months after our third wedding anniversary)!

Anyway, I think this is the perfect first home and with changes to make it more our own, I wouldn’t mind this being our forever home if so be it (I say that now, but we’ll see when our family grows)!  We’ll begin the tour at the front of the home…

Home Tour - Exterior - Front

Home Tour - Exterior - Front

You enter through the front gate.

Home Tour - Exterior - Front Gate

Turn right from the gate is the front door.

Home Tour - Exterior - Front Door

We already changed out the front door knob – Kwikset Belleview Single Cylinder Handleset w/Cove Knob featuring SmartKey® in Venetian Bronze, along with the back door and garage door knobs – Kwikset 690 Cove Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack in Venetian Bronze.  I’d like to change out the doormat and add a welcome sign where there’s a nail to the right of the door.

Home Tour - Exterior - Kwikset Belleview Single Cylinder Handleset

Turning left from the front door and straight from the front gate is the pathway to the backyard.  Here you’ll notice the neighbor’s exterior wall serves as a barrier between our yard and her home.  I plan to get rid of the Birds of Paradise plants to the right to extend the pathway, change out the uneven brick pavement, and remove the non-Queen palm trees, and replace all the grass with mulch.

Home Tour - Exterior - Sideyard

Here’s a view of our backyard from the pathway.  I’d like to re-stain the concrete, white-wash the brick border, and again, get rid of the grass and tree at the very end to the right.  Behind the rear glass panels is a golf course.

Home Tour - Exterior - Backyard 1

Here’s another view toward the house.  I’d like to change out the light fixture and add more planters.

Home Tour - Exterior - Backyard 2

We’d like to eventually get outdoor furniture, but it’s low in our priority list.  In fact, the backyard as a whole is a low priority.

Home Tour - Exterior - Backyard 3

We have a patch of grass that we’ll get rid of as Justin wants to make garden beds!

Home Tour - Exterior - Backyard 4

I love the idea of growing our own vegetable garden!  I would also love to possibly grow peonies, succulents, and aloe vera plant.  Justin didn’t mind a big yard and pool, but I didn’t want us (i.e. him) to have to deal with such maintenance, so in my opinion, this is a perfect-sized backyard for us!

Enjoy Ginet

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