January 2015 Home Tour: Living Room

Alright, we’ve gone through the exterior and the entryway, staircase, and upstairs hallway.  Now we’re heading back downstairs to the living room, which is directly left from the entryway.

Home Tour January 2015 Living Room Title Image

Home Floor Plan Living Room

We decided to make this the room with the TV since it has the most available viewing space when combined with the dining room.

Living Room From Entryway

I finally bought the floor lamp from Target I’ve been eyeing for like a year! It’s a great price, easy to assemble, and gives great light.  I give it a 4/5 stars.  Our TV console is from Living Spaces.  It’s exactly the distressed white I was looking for at a great price, however, we had to make our own adjustments using cardboard and tape to even out the bottom as much as possible to prevent wobbling.  I give it a 3/5 stars because I love the look and it’s the size I wanted for the space.  I have yet to decide if I’d want to hang the TV on the wall.  This TV belongs to my brother so I’ll make that decision if/when we have to buy our own TV.

The candles and votive candle holders on the console were given to me as gifts from various people.

Living Room TV

I’ve had the Lazy Boy sectional for nine years and it’s still super comfortable.  It’s been through the usual wear and tear, like the cushions get sunken when sat on.  Overall, it’s still in really good condition and though it’s a bit big for the space, I love it!  Plus, it’s not in our budget to replace it any time soon.  I definitely want to change or add more throw pillows and possibly change out the pillow backs.  I’m totally open for suggestions!  Since the sectional is so huge, there’s not enough space to add a coffee table, however I’m in dire need of an affordable ~8×10 rug.  I’ve been searching high and low for months and have yet to find the one!

Of course we couldn’t go through the tour without a photo with Otis in it!  He thinks this is his couch so it was hard to get him to stay away; not that I tried very hard.

Living Room Sectional Sofa

One of the things I love about the house are the wood floors, window trimmings, and baseboards.  I appreciate the character and charm they add to the home.  I also love all the windows and natural light they provide.  I like the roman shades, but I think I want to add more color and pattern.  I also would prefer the shades to be mounted within the window frame.  I may try this little DIY trick, along with attempting to make my own pillowcases.

Living Room

The side to the left of the sectional is rather blah!  The TV table serves as a central station, where we store our mail, coupon magazines, pens, and keys.  Justin wants to buy me a massage chair once I’m pregnant and this corner would be a good spot for it.  I kinda don’t want one since I think it’ll be an eyesore, but Justin knows I’ll always ask him for massages!  If anyone knows of any aesthetically-pleasing massage chairs, please let me know!  I copied my friend Rachel with the basket of slippers for guests.  Actually, I should give proper credit to her mom!  The basket also currently holds Otis’s leash.

Living Room Central Station

I have lots of plans to add color and warmth through fabric!  I’m just not decided on specific colors except in bluish tones, though blue usually conveys coolness so I’ll add other colors in the mix.  I also want to add a plant or two!

Any suggestions for color schemes, cost-efficient rugs, non-eyesore massage chairs – okay basically anything and everything to enhance the living room! – please let me know by commenting below!

Enjoy Ginet

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