January 2015 Home Tour: Entryway & Upstairs Hallway

Hello and welcome [back]!  We started the home tour with the exterior and now we’re headed to the entryway and upstairs hallway.

January 2015 Home Tour: Entryway & Upstairs Hallway

I’ll begin with a rough floorplan.  This image was taken from our appraisal:

Home Floor Plan


Here’s our entryway from the front door.  To the left is the majority of the downstairs living space and to the right is the half-bath/powder room and garage.  There’s a coat closet to the right of the stairs.

Entryway - From Front Door

Here’s a view of the entryway from the stairs.  I would like to add a bench and somewhere for guests to neatly place their shoes or add shelving to the coat closet for shoes.  Either way, the walls in the entryway need sprucing up!


Here’s another view.  I definitely want to change out the tile that’s also present in the half-bath.


Next up is the staircase.  You probably first notice the atrocious light fixture I’ll replace soon.


Here’s a closeup.  One of the first items I wanted to swap out right away was the lighting throughout the house.

Staircase Lighting

The next light fixture is used throughout the home – two hallway lights, kitchen, entryway, and in the master bath.  It’s gosta go!

Hallway Lighting

To the right of going up the stairs is the door to the master bedroom.  Before we moved in, we had the carpet replaced by Contract Carpet (they’re awesome and we totally recommend them).  There had been a couple dogs and a cat that had lived here at one time or another.  Luckily, we were able to get a carpet credit from the sellers!  However, they didn’t agree on replacing the door which had a small cat door, so Justin and my dad went to Home Depot and put up a new door.  You may notice we have yet to paint the door and trimmings.  We’ll get around to it eventually – maybe around the same time I get new knobs for the interior doors to match the oil-rubbed bronze of the exterior doors mentioned in the last post.

Master Bedroom Door

This hall leads to the two secondary bedrooms and straight is the bathroom.


There’s a linen cabinet before entering the bathroom.  Most Filipino households have an altar set up.  My grandma gave me the big Virgin Mary in the middle when I had first moved into my townhome, so it has a special place in my heart.

Hallway - Altar

Here’s a closeup of the altar.  I purchased the “God Bless Our Home” sign when we moved into our home.  It was one of the first things I purchased for the home!  The small box on the right is filled with our wedding coins, another very sentimental object.

Hallway - Altar

Overall, there’s not much I would change in this small portion of the home, except the light fixtures, tile flooring, and adding art or picture frames in the entryway.  This probably wasn’t a very exciting part of the tour, but have no fear – the good stuff is coming up!  I’ll feature the living room next!

Enjoy Ginet

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