Friday Five: Top 2013 Books

I read forty-three books last year.  I like reading corny romance novels – they’re cheaper, tug at my heartstrings, and plain entertaining!  There are five I rated five stars at Good Reads in order of when I read them:

Friday FiveTop 2013 Books

Reviewing all the books I’ve read, I’m not sure if I’d rate some of these books the same way and my top five may be different if I reviewed further.  However, I rated these books soon after I finished reading them so here they are as my top-rated books:

1) On Dublin Street by Samantha Young – I liked both main characters i.e. neither one annoyed me compared to ones in other romance novels.  Really though, I liked the writing.

2) Downtown London Road by Samantha Young – I guess I really like this author!  Again, I liked both main characters.  I think I may have liked these characters and their relationship and plot a little better than Samantha Young’s first book.

3) The Fault In Our Stars by John Green – I liked the writing and witty dialog between the main characters.  I dare you try not to cry when you read this book!

4) Wait For You by J. Lynn – There probably wouldn’t be anything too special about this book except I really fell for Cameron, the MMC (male main character).  He seemed so perfect and reminded me of my husband :)

5) A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams – Besides the unrealism of how a six/seven-year old spoke and the fact that Lily, the main character, would have no clue about what’s been going on around her for so many years, I like how it was written, took place in the 1930’s, and I really felt for Lily!

What were your favorite books of 2013?  Do you have a Good Reads account too? Let’s be friends! Click my profile and add me as a friend!

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