Friday Five: Kristiana’s Top 2013 Moments

Happy New Year!!  How was everyone’s New Years Eve?  Memorable I hope!  I did what I do every year – spent the night partying with my family, rather than go out to party with strangers.  It’s just as fun, if not more fun, than going out because I’ve got some uncles and a mom that loooove to drink!  For this week’s Friday Five, Ginet asked me to list my top moments of 2013.  It was hard to pick from such an eventful year but I managed to narrow it down!  In chronological order:

1.  Participated in a flash mob to help Ginet’s brother Kevin propose to his girlfriend Jocelyn!  It was really fun learning the dance within less than a week, and I was happy to be a part of a significant moment of this couples’ life.

2.  Traveled to New York with Chris, Ginet, and Justin.  I have always wanted to see New York City, and have been especially obsessed with the idea since I started watching Gossip Girl years ago.  I loved visiting all the tourist spots, places where Gossip Girl filmed, navigating the underground and of course all the amazing food we got to try.

3.  Completed my first 5K/Obstacle course (ROC Race) and ran two more 5Ks (Bolt to the Q and Awesome 80’s Run) to keep up the fitness throughout the year.  I’ve always hated running but with Chris’ encouragement I was able to accomplish this and have plans to run further distances in the future.

4.  Watched Joseph Gordon Levitt on stage!  The beautiful JGL currently has his own mini series, Hit Record, in the making and my friends and I attended a live taping of the show at the Orpheum theater in Downtown Los Angeles.  This was especially unique because we were doing the taping with our own cameras/phones and were asked to submit our videos to be considered for use for the actual show.

5.  The San Diego Super Chargers make the NFL Playoffs for the first time in three years!  It’s been a long drought for us Chargers die-hards and with all the obstacles standing in the way of playoffs this year I had thought it would be longer still.  Yet here we are, and I think it must be destiny.


What were your top 5 moments of 2013?

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