Friday Five #7: Favorite Clothing Brands

I tend to stick to certain brands for my wardrobe.  I practically wore only Old Navy throughout my teen years.  Well, clothes from the brands below currently make up the majority of my wardrobe:

1) Free People – I wish I could pull off all the Bohemian chic looks in its catalogs.  My first item from the brand is a skirt I found at Ross and I’ve kind of been hooked since.  They have great sales, especially at Bloomies!
2) Madewell – Their tops fit me almost like a glove, which is a rarity for me since I suffer from short but not-so-petite syndrome.  It’s probably my favorite brand right now!
3) Uniqlo – It’s the ONLY place from where I get my jeans.  I’ve tried equivalently-priced and eekspensive jeans alike (Seven Of Mankind, Joe’s, etc.), but nothing compares to its $39.50 ultra stretch skinnies.
4) Urban Outfitters – I already expressed my rediscovery of this brand.  I really want an overall dress.  Not since the eighth grade could I pull of regular overalls, but I think I can pull these off.  What do you think?
5) Zara – This brand made up 80% of my wardrobe at one point.  Most of my work tops and pants are from Zara and I LOVE LOVE LOVE their blazers.  I had the cotton blazer in the photo above in three different colors and I still want more!

What are your favorite clothing brands?

Enjoy Ginet

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