Friday Five #4: Classic Comedies

This week’s Friday Five is a list of some of my favorite classic comedies!  I consider a movie classic if I’m guaranteed to watch it when it’s on air as I’m flipping through channels.

F5 Classic Comedies

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1) Animal House – This is how college is supposed to be like right?

2) Bring It On – Two words: Spirit Fingers!

3) Anchorman – We truly keep it classy in San Diego!

4) Mean Girls – Report back if you actually knew some of the things from 22 Things You Probably Never Knew About Mean Girls

5) Superbad – The humor reminds me of my husband. I love the movie and I love him. Boop.

Do you find any of these movies totally fetch?  What are your go-to classic comedies?

Enjoy Ginet

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