Friday Five #12: Birthday Wish List

Hello all!  How has your week been?  This month is just going by so fast!  Only a month ago were we in Bangkok!  Alrighty, I’m turning the BIG 3-0 next week.  I’ve been freaking out all year about turning that age and it’s finally happening, but not quite yet!  So in honor of my upcoming birthday, this week’s Friday Five is my birthday wish list:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

1) Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner Page ($21) – After reading Liezel’s post about the planner, I purchased one before my trip!  Now, I want a page for my powder and blush.

2) JCrew Vintage Short-Sleeve Pajama Set ($75) – I’ve been wanting a pajama set with shorts, but now that it’s getting cold, this set will do well.  Since I’m short, the cropped leg will probably fit just perfectly!

3) Jo Totes Abby Mint ($89) – It’s not only a super cute purse, it’s a super cute camera bag!  I want!

4) Apple iPhone 5s ($199) – I’m digging the gold one for sure!  I’d prefer the 32G since I found myself deleting photos to make space during my trip, but I suppose I should just purge some photos and music.

5) Sony Nex SEL50F18/S Lens ($299.99) – This read suggests the 35 mm f/1.8 Prime be my main prime lens and I agree!  Except it costs $450.  However, this one is better priced and great for portraits!  Maybe it’ll motivate me to take outfit photos?!  Or I could just take crisper photos of my pug Otis!

Any November babies out there?  What’s on your wish list?  Feel free to ask me for my address later so you can mail me one of the items on the list.  😉

Enjoy Ginet

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