Friday Five #10: Workout Songs

To further motivate myself in maintaining a healthier lifestyle, I found it appropriate to list workout songs as this week’s Friday Five!

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1)  “Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Dance Remix)” by Kid Cudi – This is my current favorite on the list!  It’s in the “Project X” soundtrack.  Makes me want to dance at the gym and jog on the dance floor.

2) “Heads Will Roll (A-Track Remix)” by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Another song from the “Project X” soundtrack.  Here’s the music video for the original version:

3) “Animal” by Miike Snow – Makes me bob my head on the cycle.

4) “Sunday Morning” by No Doubt – I had forgotten that this was on my workout playlist before listening to Pandora.  It starts off with a warmup, full speed, then cool down at the very end of the song.  Thanks for the reminder, L!

5) “The Wilhelm Scream” by James Blake – When my brother’s fiancee would play this song during her yoga instruction to me, my husband, and brother in our condo living room, we knew it was time for shavasana.  It’s the perfect cool down song!

Liezel also mentioned OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again” (awesome music video with treadmills)  along with others, and Rudolf mentioned any booty music song.  How about you?  Any favorite songs you love rocking to while you work out?

Enjoy Ginet

  • http://Website Liezel

    You explained sunday morning perfectly! warm up, full speed, cool down =) if you put it on repeat you can get some sprint training in.

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