Enjoy Prompt: Hug Someone

This week’s enjoy prompt is to hug someone.  I don’t mean one of those half hugs.  I’m talking about a full on two-arm embrace.  You can greet someone with a “Hello!” and a hug or comfort someone in need.  I know after my Chargers lost yesterday I needed a good hug from my husband!

Sometimes hugging can be awkward.  Obviously you don’t want to hug a colleague in a professional setting or hug a total stranger walking down the street (or well, go ahead – I challenge you to hug a random cutie you spot!)

My friends and I used to think it’s weird to greet each other with a hug.  We would see each other every day; why would we need to hug?  Well, soon after we graduated college and stopped seeing each other as often, we hug as a greeting.  The need for physical contact is human nature and a way of showing affection and nurturing relationships.  I truly appreciate a good hug, especially when it comes from someone I love and I’m sure the receiver of your hug will feel the same way!

Enjoy Ginet

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