Enjoy Prompt # 3: Define Success

How do you define yourself as successful?  It’s different for everyone.  Some people define it as being a great mother, gaining financial independence, becoming famous, or having it all.  When I was growing up, I dreamt about traveling the world, owning a Gucci purse, driving a Mercedes Benz, and having a pug.  I’ve accomplished those dreams and I still want to travel more and own my pug (and more along the way!).  However, I’ve realized there’s more to life than having all these fancy things.  That’s not to say I don’t want those things anymore (I’m a recovering shopping addict), but I no longer define having those things as being successful.  I now prefer to measure my success in a more meaningful way.

  • Having a healthy body
  • Thinking and acting positively
  • Nurturing meaningful relationships
  • Serving as inspiration to others
  • Not allowing money and materialism to rule

This list will change overtime I’m sure and that’s totally fine.  Yours will too as your priorities and outlooks change.  As of right now, how do you define success for yourself?  Please answer by writing in your journal and/or leaving a comment below.

Enjoy Ginet

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