Enjoy Prompt: Check Off A To-Do List Item

This week, I’m featuring an OOTD of my sister Marj!

Marj's Outfit Of The Day

Isn’t she so pretty?

This week’s enjoy prompt is to check off a to-do list item.  My good friends Sheryl and Hedrick are getting married on Friday.  Since last week, I’ve been helping them check off their Wedding To-Do List.  Sheryl had been stressing out about all the things she has yet to do!  I figure I break their list down day by day to help her breathe and think only about what she has to accomplish for the day.  In the morning, I’d check up on their status and prep them for the day’s to-do’s.

I definitely had a huge list of items to finish with Danny and Shannon’s wedding (I helped with their wedding stationery – recap coming on Friday), Sheryl’s wedding (I’m a bridesmaid), along with Jocelyn’s bridal shower and bachelorette (of which I’m also a bridesmaid) coming up in the next weeks ahead.  This of course happened or is happening all this month!

Having a mile-long list of things to do is no doubt overwhelming.  Sometimes, we can get caught up with EVERY item and end up not getting much accomplished.  We need to take a breather and go step by step.  Focus on checking off one to-do list item at a time and eventually, they’ll all be checked off!

Blazer/LC Lauren Conrad, Crop Top/Urban Outfitters, Tulle Skirt/Ann Taylor Loft, Anneke Pumps/Julianne Hough For Sole Society, MAC/Rebecca Minkoff

Participate in the enjoy prompt by commenting below an item you’ve checked off your to-do list or through social media using the following hashtags: #graciousdelights, #enjoyprompt, #checkoff, #done.

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