Enjoy Prompt: Are you inspired by any equal rights leaders?

Happy Monday all!  I probably shouldn’t have worn green over the weekend since I’m a Niner fan by marriage and was rooting against the Seahawks, but I thought this was the perfect dress to wear with such great January SoCal weather.

Today is MLK Day.  Growing up, Martin Luther King, Jr. was definitely a huge inspiration to me.  His “I Have A Dream” speech was empowering, even when I first watched it in the fourth grade.  Cesar Chavez, Philip Vera Cruz, Susan B. Anthony, and Harvey Milk are just a few names of equal rights leaders that come to mind.

Last week, I caught Malcolm X with Denzel Washington on TV.  He was strong in his faith and his movement, but changed his views along the way.  For over ten years as a member of the Nation Of Islam, he promoted the organization’s beliefs through powerful speeches.  He later split from the Nation and despite threats against his life and family, he spoke of his changed beliefs.  I’m inspired by Malcolm X because he was independent enough to be open his mind to a different viewpoint, while keeping his faith.  He acknowledged his faults and wrongdoings and aimed to work with other prominent civil rights leaders.

Are you inspired by an equal rights leaders?  If so, who and why?  You can participate in this enjoy prompt by commenting below, writing in your journal, or posting in your social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and/or blog).  Make sure to hashtag the following: #enjoyprompt #equalrights #inspiration #doseofinspo.

* Aqua dress and Swarovski lock & key necklace

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