Enjoy Prompt #5: 10 Things I Love About Me

A lot of the times we focus on the things that we don’t like about ourselves.  I don’t like my big thighs and life would be easier if I were a little taller!  I could go on and on, and I’m sure you can too about what you’d change about yourself, but there’s no need for that.  Rather, we’ll focus on the positive.  This week’s prompt is to list down ten things you love about yourself!  If you’re having trouble, ask your family and friends what they love about you.  Write it in your journal and/or leave it as a comment below.

Here is my list of 10 Things I Love About Me:

  1. I’m witty (or at least, I consider myself witty)
  2. I’m a hard-worker
  3. My family and friends think about me when they see pugs
  4. I always try to do better
  5. I surround myself with really good people
  6. I travel the world like I dreamed of doing as a kid
  7. I’m easygoing (for the most part)
  8. I’m a combo of open-minded and opiniated
  9. I’m a good cook
  10. I’m my mom’s best birthday gift (I was born two days after my mom’s 26th birthday)

10 Things I Love About Me

Are you following me on Instagram?  Either way, extend your participation by posting a “selfie” on your Instagram account and including one of your list items on the comment for the photo.  Don’t forget to hashtag the following: #enjoyprompt5 #10thingsiloveaboutme #enjoyprompts #graciousdelights #gd.

What are ten things you love about you?

Enjoy Ginet

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