Enjoy Prompt #4: Sing A Song Aloud

This week’s prompt in our enjoy life project is to sing a song aloud.  I tend to sing when I’m driving in my car alone.  I’m not the biggest fan of driving.  Scratch that.  I hate driving!  But listening to music and singing along eases the hatred.

Plus, isn’t that what makes road trips fun?!


What song(s) do you love singing aloud whether alone, in a full car, or at club or wedding?  Some popular ones are classics like “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Since You’ve Been Gone”.  Recently, I’ll catch myself stopping my browsing when I hear “Little Talks” or “Ho Hey” on the radio.

Once you’ve finished this prompt, comment below to let us know what song you chose.  Or let’s have some more fun!  Vine or instavid you singing with the following hashtags: #graciousdelights #enjoyprompts #enjoyprompt4.  Once there’s at least five, I (Ginet) will do the same!  😛

Enjoy Ginet

  • http://Website rudolf

    i love belting out kelly clarkson in the car! my absolute fave.

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