Enjoy Prompt: 2013 Reflection

I can’t believe it’s the last day of the year!  I was having issues with my web service host yesterday so I wasn’t able to post.  On Friday, Justin and I rode with my Uncle Ranelle and family up to the bay.  They live just across San Mateo bridge from Justin’s parents.  On Saturday, we went to Elephant Bar with their cousin Christina and stopped by Justin’s friend’s Christmas party.  On Sunday, we watched football the whole day – a perfect lazy Sunday!  The Chargers needed the Ravens and the Dolphins to lose, and a win against the Chiefs’ backup players, to make the playoffs.  I told Justin and his brothers that I would jump in the pool if the Chargers made the playoffs.  The stars seemed to align by kickoff time for the Chargers game.  They barely won, but I still had to keep my word:

It looks underwhelming, but I’m in the bay area, the pool was not heated, and I didn’t know how deep it was.  I was just thinking of my exit strategy – how to get to the hot shower waiting for me.  Last night, we had dinner with Jonny, one of Justin’s best friends and groomsmen, at Martins West Gastropub in Redwood City.  I’m a little sick so my taste buds aren’t working 100%, but from what I could taste, it was pretty delicious!

This week’s enjoy prompt is to reflect on 2013.  I’ve seen people already post collages and video montages on Instagram.  You can also write on your journal or own blog.  Here’s my prompt:

This year started with a Vegas trip with Justin’s cousins, then my brother’s proposal.  I headed to Australia for two weeks for work, participated in Amazing Race fun, Vegas again with my cousins, celebrated my cousin’s engagement on a boat, New York City with Kristiana and her boyfriend Chris, had a weekend visit from Justin’s brothers, started a workout regimen, and tried paddle-boarding for the first time.  I also attended two fun weddings, which included a family trip to Colorado Springs.  I started a blog, asked to be a bridesmaid to two weddings, engaged in happy hours with old friends, got a new camera, took an amazing trip to Thailand and Hong Kong, had a #2530Bday celebration, turned thirty, and had another wonderful Christmas!

2013 was a great year!  I’m truly grateful and blessed and I’m looking forward to another great year ahead!  How was 2013 for you?  What are some of your 2013 highlights?

Enjoy Ginet

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