Enjoy Prompt #16: Embrace All Emotions

Justin and I spent the weekend in LA visiting college friends.  Our friend Daniel and his wife Cristina, who live in Houston, are staying at our friend Aaron and his wife Kelli’s place for a few days, so we decided to spend a day in LA with them!

We had lunch in Hermosa Beach and took photos by the pier since it turned out to be such a beautiful day!

Southern California version of sledding:


After lunch and taking photos, we hung out at Aaron and Kelli’s for a fun game of Heads Up, then headed to Santa Monica for some bar-hopping, drinking, and dancing.

Fun times with awesome friends in beautiful weather!  Alright, to the prompt…

Tis the season to be jolly, but don’t feel the need to bottle emotions deemed negative.  This week’s prompt is to embrace all emotions.

I used to push aside my feelings of sadness and anger.  Those feelings just build up inside and can end up making things worse with a blow-up.  I’m not saying one should yell at another as soon as he/she gets pissed.  One’s reactions shouldn’t be a reflection of his/her feelings.  Rather, a reaction is how you handle those emotions.  Nor am I saying to self-loathe for months at a time.  A week is fine, but try to keep a positive overall aspect.  In a general sense, try not to dismiss any emotions.

Allow yourself to truly feel pain, joy, heartache, love, lonely, and much more.

Enjoy Ginet


  • http://thestylecrusader.com the style crusader

    Beautiful post. I love the photos and such wise words at the end.

    That photo of people sledding down the sand is so funny. I lived in California for years and never did that! Looks like so much fun. xx

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