Enjoy Prompt #14: Smile At Passersby

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend?  I was in the Bay Area all last week and had a great time!  Lots of time with Justin’s friends and family.  I took some photos so I’ll be sure to post a recap soon.  Alright, let’s go to the topic at hand: this week’s enjoy prompt is to smile at passersby.

I was usually the type to avoid making eye contact with anyone that passes me, whether it be walking across campus when I was still in school or in the hallways at work.  I would actually take the longer, yet less quieter, route to the restroom just to avoid people.  I’m not a big fan of awkward hello’s or “How are you doing?” when I’d never had a conversation with someone so I’d wonder, do they really care how I’m doing?  Along the way, I realized that’s just a friendly way of acknowledging another’s presence.  I get that, even though I still try to avoid people once in a while.  So this week, I’m changing it up and ensuring I consciously acknowledge someone.  I will make eye contact and smile at everyone who passes me by.  I encourage you do the same!  Such a small gesture can change one’s mood.  Who knows?  You can end up brightening a passerby’s day by your beautiful smile.

Let’s get into the holiday spirit!  Join me in the effort, but I totally understand if you choose to avoid someone that looks like a serial killer because I’ll be doing the same thing.

P.S. Another effort I have to consciously be okay with is posting and seeing photos of my “selfies” on the blog.  Ugh!

Enjoy Ginet


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