Eats Of Eden: Favorites Part 2 – Food Trucks and Breweries, a Match Made in Heaven

I’ve been wanting to talk about my favorite food trucks for a while, and what better way to pair a food truck than with a brewery?  San Diego is littered with breweries big and small and though most don’t have kitchens, they make sure to feed their patrons by scheduling food trucks to park outside.  It’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits not just them but all of us!

I’m going to start with my favorite brewery, Societe.  They are a smaller brewery, not too well known yet (though more and more I am starting to see their taps in bars) but have a spacious tasting room in the Clairemont/Convoy area.  I was introduced to this place because my boyfriend Chris is a regular, but I have quickly become one too.  Part of why this place is my favorite is that I like pretty much all their beers.  Usually at other breweries I frequent I only like two or three.  I also like that there’s lots of seating and table space.  I absolutely hate having no space to put my beer and since I don’t want to down it, it runs the risk of getting warm in my hand when a place is too crowded.  I’ve never had that problem at Societe!  Lastly, I love the staff!  They’re all cool, friendly people and don’t give off a stuffy vibe like some of the workers at bigger breweries.

Recently they started doing cheese plate tastings, so be sure to inquire about these.  I’ve tried the “Lambchopper” cheese — the plate is $8 and comes with crackers, chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and a big chunk of cheese.  It went well with the Harlot, though there was a different suggested pairing.


It’s because of Societe that I have my favorite food truck Mastiff.  These guys specialize in sausages — bratwurst, italian sausage, hot dogs; everything is handmade and delicious.  Their motto is “Manliness Refined” and they stay true to this with their filling, meaty menu,  prepared with care and special attention to different flavor combinations.  They recently had their first anniversary, serving up an amazing 3-way pork sandwich which they unfortunately don’t make all the time due to the huge amount of prep it takes.  However, the goodies on their regular menu are still amazing!  My favorite is the all-beef hot dog and I always add crispy bacon.  The guys who run the truck, Eric and Jacob, are also incredibly nice and very passionate about their work.

My other favorite food truck is the MIHO Gastrotruck.  Their claim to fame is the use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create fabulous versions of some of the most basic foods that we sometimes take for granted.  Things like salad, burgers, and sandwiches are taken to a whole new level through their expert hands.  Unfortunately the truck is no longer out for regular lunch or dinner service :(  They got pretty huge in the last few years and are now only available for catering or special events with breweries and such.  However, they have very recently opened JUKE, a permanent location inside Bottlecraft in North Park.  I can’t wait to try this place and though I will miss MIHO’s amazing burger, I definitely won’t miss trying to track the truck down all the time.

Do any of you have a favorite food truck or brewery?  Anyone else love the one’s I mentioned?  Anyone planning on trying any of the aforementioned?  Let me know by tagging your Instagrams!  #graciousdelights #eatsofeden #indulge  Until next time…

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