Dose Of Inspo: #GIRLBOSS By Sophia Amoruso

Three weeks ago, I started reading #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, the CEO and founder of online fashion retailer Nasty Gal.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

I don’t shop at Nasty Gal, nor did I know who Sophia was prior to hearing of this book.  I made no assumptions except for the little I heard, which was that it was a women empowerment book.  For one,  I like that in purchasing the hard copy, I could start reading a soft copy on my Kindle.  I also think the cover is well-designed, including how Sophia is posed in a Superman stance.  The title itself is in homage to the social media world we live in.

Moving on to the content:  It was a quick and easy read.  I got a feel of her personality through her writing and she seems like a cool chick!  I was engaged enough to finish reading it in three days.  It would have taken me a shorter time if I weren’t reading another book at the same time.

Her rags-to-riches type story is inspiring.  She talks about how she never quite fit in, wasn’t great at school, and worked a lot of dead-end jobs before hitting it off with her E-bay shop.  There were a couple points she made that I really appreciate:

  • Live within your means – For a few years after starting my career, I had a hard time with this.  Sophia points out “when your time spent making money is significantly greater than spending money, you will be amazed at how much you can save without even really thinking about it.”  I would think it’s hard for fashion and home design bloggers who may feel like they need to live a lifestyle with multiple Chanel purses or vintage statement furnishings.  I stare at envy, but I’d rather have that much in the bank or stocks.
  • Truly believing in yourself can work wonders, but make sure to work your ass off.  I like that she states that she didn’t find Nasty Gal, instead she created it.  She literally built her company through blood, sweat, and tears.

I was good at school and was never a self-proclaimed loser.  Nor did I ever have to dumpster dive and I’m not aspiring to be the CEO of a $100 million company (at least it’s not a foreseeable aspiration).  However, I can relate to Sophia’s story because we both know we’re destined for and capable of something bigger.  Lucky for her, she created her niche early on.  #GIRLBOSS has given me motivation to find and follow what I’m most passionate about.

I rate the book with 4/5 stars.  Are you on Goodreads?  I mainly read and rate romance novels, but I like to mix things up on occasion.

Have you read the book?  If not, click here: #GIRLBOSS.  If so, how did you like the book?

Enjoy Ginet

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