Destination Wedding in Cabo San Lucas Recap

Hi all!  Marj here again.  A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend Tony and I went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Tony’s friend Kathleen’s wedding. It was my first time going to Cabo so I was super excited!!!

Day 1: Friday
Kathleen and Eric, the bride and groom, had a Civil Ceremony at the San Diego County Building prior to flying to Cabo. Most of the people (about 45ish) who were going to Cabo witnessed a short and sweet ceremony. After the ceremony, we walked to Caffe Italia for a quick breakfast with pastries, breakfast sandwiches, fruits, coffee, and tea. Around 11am, we all headed to the airport to check in. On the flight, Tony and I sat next to Brett, Tony’s childhood friend. I didn’t mind being third wheel as they fed one another grapes.

When we arrived to Cabo, a big charter bus brought the entire wedding party to the resort: Riu Palace.  Riu Palace is an all inclusive resort with unlimited food and drinks; yes, it includes alcoholic beverages!!! Our room was decent. We requested a king bed, but it was two double beds pushed together. The only complaint I have was that it smelled like a mixture of mildew/mothballs – a smell similar to the Philippines. After checking in, we all had dinner at the main buffet and drank the bar while we watched a karaoke contest. Later in the night we went to the resort discoteca (club). It was a good mixture of hip-hop, line dancing, EDM, and salsa music.

Day 2: Saturday
Tony and I are early risers so we were up at 6:30am to eat breakfast. Overall, the food was good. I LOVE Mexican food, so an all-inclusive resort in Mexico was perfect for eating! During the day, we hung out in the pool. There, we enjoyed daytime drinking, water aerobics, the hot sun, and semi-awesome people watching. My drinks of choice from the Riu were Piña Coladas, Mojitos, and Dirty Monkeys. A few of us went to the beach to enjoy the waves. Warning: the waves may not look big, but the current is definitely STRONG. The waves repeatedly pushed us ashore and pulled us back in the ocean. We were rolling around in the coarse sand and often kicked one another. I was done after five minutes.

Saturday night was the reception. It was a nice intimate dinner overlooking the ocean at the San Jose Terrace. The couple shared their first dance.

After the reception, a bunch of us regrouped and went downtown. I do not remember the names of the first couple places we went to, but most of our night was spent in El Squid Roe. Good music, which meant good dancing!

Day 3: Sunday
The perfect thing about the timing of this wedding/trip is that was Tony and my one-year anniversary. Though we partied late the night before, we woke up early to join a few friends in an excursion to Lovers Beach. In case you don’t know (like I didn’t know prior to my trip), Cabo is in the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. From our resort, we took a Water Taxi tour for only $10 (be careful – sometimes they’ll try to charge $15/person). In our tour, we saw Pelican Beach, where you literally see a bunch of Pelicans and people snorkeling. We were able to see lots of fish from the bottom of our taxi!

The taxi dropped us off at Lovers Beach. Lovers Beach faces the Sea of Cortez. The other side of the rocks is Divorce Beach, which faces the Pacific Ocean. We stayed here for about an hour. The waves are definitely stronger than San Diego, but more manageable compared to the beach at the Riu. As you can see from my pictures, the water was gorgeous! It was different shades of blue and green. When we got back to the Riu, we had to dip into the pool to cool off from walking in the HOT, grainy sand (my feet were so tender).

What’s a Sunday in the fall without football?? Of course we had to watch the Charger game. Unfortunately, they lost. To add on to sad news, some friends left to return to San Diego.
Other than that, Kathleen decided to trash her wedding dress. It was an honor to witness their photo session.

Day 4: Monday
Wah! Monday was our last day in Cabo. I didn’t want to leave. We spent our last hours in Cabo enjoying the gorgeous views from the pool and terrace. Overall it was an awesome trip.

We’ll miss you Cabo.  Oh and of course, congrats to the newlyweds Kathleen and Eric! Thank you so much for having us!

Keep Smiling, Marj

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