Current Delights 06 Feb 15

Friends Forever

EVERYONE on my social media feeds was SO EXCITED (pun-intended) for the “Saved By The Bell” reunion skit in “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. My very first crush (Zack Morris) and one of my [many] celebrity crushes (Jimmy Fallon) together in one of my all-time favorite TV shows!

Speaking of crushes…

Jamie Dornan

Celebrity Crush Jamie Dornan


Hello you, with your piercing blue eyes and undeniable good looks.  Most probably know him from the upcoming “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.  Of course, there were mixed feelings on his casting, most of which were “Who the heck is that?!”.  I heard he was in a show called “The Fall” and decided to check it out to prep for watching the movie and OMG!  He plays this twisted serial killer and he’s mighty handsome.  I actually prefer him with the beard like way more.  Your thoughts?

And more on romance novels…

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This is more of a teen romance.  I joined in on’s Book Club to read Jenny Han’s most recent release.  I was supposed to read to the end of Chapter 38 by the next Mondays but I finished the book in one sitting.  I probably shouldn’t have stayed up til 2am on a work night but I couldn’t put it down!  It’s not my favorite writing style, but if a book keeps me hooked, it’s automatically 5 stars!  I didn’t know until I was done reading that Jenny Han also wrote the Summer Series, which I think I read back-to-back last year.  Follow me on Goodreads if you care to see my ratings and reviews on books (romance novels in particular).

Do you share my sentiment on my current delights?  Are you swooning over that photo of Jamie Dornan like I am (blush face and all – you’re welcome, BTW)?  What are your current delights?

Enjoy Ginet

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