Clothing Purge Techniques

I’ve been pretty good at controlling my clothing purchases.  In doing so, I became somewhat of a pro at purging my clothes when necessary.  I’ll purge three to four times a year.  It keeps me organized, thus feeling so fresh and so clean!

Here are some tips to help you decide when it’s time to purge:
1) Organize your clothes by type and color.  In my closet, my tops are grouped together by whites, greens, reds/pinks/oranges, blues, grays, and then blacks, as shown in the above photo.  An organized closet will help you keep track of what you wear often and not.
2) Don’t buy more hangers, unless they’re tore up.  Stick to a set number of hangers.  When you find yourself running out of hangers, it’s because you have too many clothes.  Therefore, it’s time to get rid of some!
3) More on hangers – set aside your unused hangers.  This makes them better accessible when you need to hang an article of clothing.  It also easily lets you know when you’re running out.  I set a hanger aside once I take an article of clothing out of it.
4) Feel the need to make a donation?  What better donation then some clothes!

When you’ve decided it’s time, purge as such:
1) If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in over a year and you don’t plan to wear it soon for a particular occasion, it may be time to get rid of it.
2) If there are unrepairable holes or snags on an article of clothing, get rid of it.
3) Make a donate, trash, and sell (if desired) pile.
4) You can choose to fold your clothes as you decide to purge them or you can just throw them on the ground like I’ve done, as demonstrated below.  I find the latter therapeutic, but don’t recommend it every time.

I don’t always follow the purge techniques mentioned.  There are some dresses and t-shirts I’m not ready to get rid of just yet.  However, I do use them as a guide and for other items like shoes.  And if you have a bunch of empty hangers, it may be time for some new purchases!  Always a plus 😉

Happy purging and good luck!

Are you more of a hoarder or purger?  If the latter, do you have any purge techniques to include?

Enjoy Ginet

  • the style crusader

    I did an enormous purge of my wardrobe a couple of years ago when I moved countries. I sold tons of stuff on ebay but also gave a lot of stuff away to charity. I agree, it was totally therapeutic and I haven’t regretted anything that I got rid of. xx

    • Ginet

      Last time I did a major purge, I tried selling clothes to a local thrift shop. They didn’t take many clothes – even some with tags still on them! I found it to be rather a waste of time for the cash I got back. Ebay may have been a better option!

  • Alexis

    I hoard until it gets completely out of control and then I purge almost everything. There’s no happy medium or in between. I just go for it every few months and start throwing out all non-essentials!

    • Ginet

      Organized chaos?

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