City Love: Seattle

Though I’m still quite upset over the Seattle Seahawks beating the San Francisco Forty-Niners this past Super Bowl, I’ll still show the city some love for it’s beauty, weather (Yes, I know. But I’ll explain below), and food!

Seattle for me is one of the most scenic cities that I have ever been to. It’s got a gorgeous skyline, it’s by the water, and there’s plenty of greenery surrounding the city. It’s one of those cities where you don’t feel like you’re in a city city. It definitely doesn’t have that hustle and bustle vibe that San Francisco or New York has. It’s just… chill.

I first heard about Red Mill Burgers from one of those travel food shows on the Travel Channel and I knew that I definitely had to hit it up when I visited. I loved seeing the huge pile of bacon on the burner! The meat was fresh and the fries crispy.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a piroshky. It’s a flakey pastry goodness with a stuffing inside. Loved the smoked salmon piroshky with a cup of coffee from the original Starbucks for a morning treat.


Visiting the Pike Place Market is also a must. You’ll catch fish mongers throwing fish around, but make sure to stay clear because you might catch one on your face if you don’t pay attention. There are a bunch of stalls selling all kinds of Seattle goodies, fresh fish, produce, and flowers.


If you take the stairs down from the market, you’ll come across the gum wall. I know. Gross. But it’s definitely a site to see and contribute to if you love chewing on gum.


I also appreciate the music scene and creativity that Seattle brings out in its people. I was first exposed to the Blue Scholars, a hip hop duo known for calling for social change in their music, from a house party I attended in Seattle. And no matter how you feel about Macklemore, he calls Seattle home, and I’m not surprised that most of the music that I have been exposed to from Seattle is very progressive and inclusive. The Seattle Art Walk was the first art walk that I had ever heard of and participated in and getting to explore the Underground Tour around Pioneer Square was also pretty awesome.


Now I know I said that Seattle weather is great and it is. Seattle is known for the amount of rain it gets but summer in Seattle is just plain gorgeous! The sun is out and the temperature just right with enough breeze coming from the water. Though you’ll get an occasional drizzle, it’s mostly clear skies in the summer. If you’re planning on a trip, going between May and September would be ideal if you don’t favor the rain. I personally love the rain and the overcast and can enjoy Seattle year round.

What are your favorite spots to visit while in Seattle?

Bear Hugs Rudolf

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