Ciao bELLa: Nails of the Week #NOTW

Hi Beautiful! L here, ready to show you one of my most liked (Instagram) nail looks. So people post their face of the day (#fotd) or outfit of the day (#ootd) but for me nails of the day (#notd) isn’t quite accurate. I typically wear my nail polish for a week unless they’re gel and I try to ride those out as long as possible, so nails of the week it is!

A little bit about me – I love everything Disney, I really do! I even collect Disney Vinylmations, vinyl collectables in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and they have taken over a corner of my room, but I digress. The Instagram picture above was taken two years ago when the BF Ranelle and I went to Orlando Florida to enjoy a week-long stay at the Walt Disney Resort. We had a blast and were able to hit up all four theme parks and check out a few of the themed resorts. Before the trip, I decided to do Disney-inspired nails. I love the idea of themed nail art: holiday-themed, sports-themed, and in this case, character-themed.  There are so many choices when it comes to Disney, but I decided to go with the iconic Minnie Mouse! I have a a bit of a backstory when it comes to Minnie Mouse. I was Minnie Mouse in a novelty dance in my junior high drill team days and I’m not going to lie, I reused that costume many times for Halloween. So here goes a quick tutorial on what I did to create this look. These are the items I used in this nail look.  I’ve included options for you to use when recreating the look. Let’s get started!

Firstly, on clean dry nails, tape off the tips of your nails. I typically like to go slightly lower then my natural nail line but it’s up to you how thick you want your tips. You can use french tip guides or regular scotch tape. I’ve shown you both options here and you won’t be able to tell the difference in the final look. Paint your tips using any classic red. I’m using “Throb” by Illamasqua (my fave nail polish brand!).

Let the red nail polish dry a bit and peel off the tape. For the dots, I like to use a dotting tool but a tooth pick or end of a bobby pin works also. I like to put a dollop of nail polish onto a piece of paper and dip the dotting tool in it. Place white dots randomly through out the red.

Now onto Minnie’s bow. I am using Sally Hansen’s black nail art pen, but you can also use black nail polish and a paint brush. The nail art pen has a tip like a marker and I find it easy to use. Draw the bow at an angle just at the line of you natural nail and the red.

Nail Art Pen

To give the look a little more pop, I added a gold dot in the center of each bow using the dotting tool.

Now once your design has dried all you need is a clear top coat and you’re all done!

And there it is, Minnie Mouse inspired nail art in just a few steps!

I hope you find this easy and here’s a sneak peek of a few goodies I bought from the Walgreens exclusive Kiss Disney Villains release. Nail art kits? Yes please. Disney villains themed nail art kits? Double yes please. There are four kits, one for each villain: Cruella de Vil, Evil Queen, Maleficent, and Ursula. I scoured multiple Walgreens and found two out of the four:

These kits may appear on a future post. Stay tuned! What are your thoughts on nail art? Any suggestions for the next #NOTW?


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