Ciao bELLa: DIY Ombre Hair

Ombre/dip dye hair has been around for a while now, even the popular drugstore brands have come out with box dye to ombre your hair at home.  This is my second time using L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre. The first time I used the shade 060 Medium to Dark Brown and it was more subtle. This time around I chose a lighter color and followed up with a second step to tone my hair. I decided to document it all for this DIY post.

Let’s see how it turned out this time around. The products I used are L’Oreal Feria Wild Ombre in 070 Dark Blonde to Light Brown, L’Oreal Preference in Medium Ash Blonde , and an Ardell Red Gold Corrector packet that I got from Sally’s Beauty. I also used a salon cape and some foil.


Here is my before picture:


With my salon cape on, I first used the ombre kit and followed the directions. The kit came with a brush and it made it easy to brush the product into the lower part of my hair (I stayed below the ear). When I finished brushing the dye into my hair I had two sections – one on each side of my head. I then wrapped each section with foil so I can do other things and not worry about hair dye dripping. This is how my hair turned out after this step.


As you can tell in the previous picture my hair turned out very brassy/orange. So step 2 is to tone down the brassiness. I mixed the ash blonde hair dye and the packet of corrector and saturated the hair that was lightened. After leaving the dye in for 25 minutes, this is how it turned out:


I am content with how it turned out and the total for the products came out to be around $20. I also picked up some Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde shampoo at Ulta. It’s a purple shampoo and it’s suppose to help tone down brassiness. I’ve used the shampoo a few times (it’s not recommended to be an everyday shampoo) and I can’t tell if its actually doing anything but I will continue to use it once a week.


Here are a few more after pictures (excuse the camera phone selfies).  My hair color looks different in the different lighting. These pictures are all taken within the last week.



Recently L’Oreal came out with a line called Intense Ombre and Coloured Ombre which targets dark hair. If these were in stores when I bought my supplies, I would have definitely gone with the Intense ombre. Maybe if I decide to go even lighter, I may grab a box. How do you guys think it turned out?


Would you DIY your hair to ombre?  Have you tried it before?  If so, what products did you use?

Ciao L

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